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"A patient shares her cancer story." Ann                 Jamie Jenson shares her cancer story 
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“…he took the time to write a letter or make a phone call…” R.B.

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis was terrifying for me, and confidence in my surgeon was key. I was referred to Northern Virginia Breast Specialists in 2007 for a breast biopsy which turned out to be atypical. My surgeon followed me for many years as a High Risk patient before the cancer diagnosis. Each year he took the time to write a letter or make a phone call in order to get my MRI covered by my insurance. Consequently, my cancer was detected on one of these screening breast MRI studies while it was early and very treatable. My surgeon was also abreast on the current treatment options for my situation, and even sent me literature at home to help confirm my surgery decision. For peace of mind I went to the University of Virginia for a 2nd opinion. Ultimately, I chose to stay with my breast surgeon because I trusted him. I would highly recommend Northern Virginia Breast Specialists for their compassionate and quality care.

“I will forever have them in my heart”  Dr. Maritza Diaz

There are no words to describe my gratitude to Dr John Williams and his staff. My diagnosis of breast cancer was completely unexpected. It was a very devastating time in my life. I had only been in the states for two years, so I was still trying to adapt to my new life. I am originally from Puerto Rico and moving here meant dealing with a different culture, place and language. I was also going through the empty nest stage. So for me it was very difficult to accept this breast cancer diagnosis. But with the help and compassionate approach of Dr Williams I felt safe. He took all the time in this world to make sure my husband and I understood all of the treatment options. There is not a single negative thing I can say about my experience with Dr Williams and the staff. I felt blessed to have them and felt they took me by my hand through the whole process. I will forever have them in my heart. No doubt.

Now some words for the Spanish speaking people. 
No hay palabras para describir lo profundamente agradecida que estoy del Dr Williams. Fue uno de los peores momentos de mi vida. Pero Gracias a Dios todo salio bien, y puedo recomendar este doctor ya que es un ser humano extraordinario. Su compasion y preocupacion por sus pacientes no tiene limites. Lo considero mi angel. 

“…the latest in breast cancer surgery and options.”  D.S.

I can highly recommend Northern Virginia Breast Specialists for any of your breast concerns. They are very patient, thorough and understanding of what you may are going through. They are also very informative about the latest in breast cancer surgery and options.

“I had a wonderful experience.”  Jeni Coffie

My breast surgeon is awesome!. He is caring, straight forward and an understanding doctor . I felt I had a doctor that I can count on who was in my corner. I had a wonderful experience. I hope every patient is lucky enough to have an excellent doctor in whom they can trust and also a caring staff.

“My surgeon truly “Gets it.”  Patty Bernardo

I don't know where to surgeon made being diagnosed with breast cancer, twice, tolerable. He is the kindest man. He takes his time in talking to you, he thinks before he speaks, he is extremely thorough- ensuring every test has been run - he considers all your life's options and so much more. I never once doubted my decision in breast surgeon. I had so much confidence in his abilities; I never went to seek a second opinion. My surgeon truly "gets it." He understands the highs and lows of a cancer patient - when we think every small lump is the return of cancer. I am truly blessed to have him as my surgeon.

“If I ever need another biopsy, I want them to perform it.”  T.B.

No one wants to need a biopsy but my breast surgeon made my experience as stress- and pain-free as possible. If I ever need another biopsy, I want them to perform it. He was the consummate professional and explained everything step-by-step so I was never surprised by anything that was being done.

“I felt an integral part of all the decisions that were made.”  J.C.

My experience was exceptional. I found the flexibility of my surgeon and other staff members to be extraordinary. Although, my procedure was squeezed into the surgeon's schedule, I never felt rushed. I was asked numerous times if I had questions. I felt an integral part of all the decisions that were made. My surgeon explained each step during the biopsy. Also, my surgeon personally called to give me my biopsy results. I always felt I was being heard. A+++. 

Biopsies are stressful.. I cannot think of anything more that could have been done to make it any less stressful. What I appreciated most (other than the negative test result) was each member of the staff I encountered seemed to understand the stress I was under. They went out of their way to be helpful and pleasant. Their actions made an unpleasant situation bearable.

“She spoke to me as if I was a member of her family.”  Ruth Carter

My experience with your practice was outstanding. When I was referred to your practice, I was called by one of your staff members. She spoke to me as if I was a member of her family. We grew very close. My breast surgeon is the GREATEST. I have never met a more caring and compassionate doctor. He is my hero. I call him “my most favorite doctor in the world.” I am always recommending him to friends that may have a breast problem.

“I would recommend them to anyone. They are very concerned about your treatment and health.”  Donna Eisenmann

“Thank you again and again…”  J.S.

You and your staff were fantastic! Also, the Cancer Center at Lake Manassas and the care that I received there was terrific. I feel very fortunate I did not need chemotherapy. I trusted everyone I have had to deal with and if I had been told that I needed chemotherapy, I would not have questioned the need. Thank you again and again to you and your staff.

“Dr. Williams saved my life, again.”  Donna Kramb

I first met Dr. Williams in 2003. I was specifically referred to him by my primary care physician. Upon reflection, I must add praise and thanks to him as well for this referral. He was well aware of my many physical and medical issues. I also had experienced the devastating loss of my dear sister to breast cancer at age 39. My second oldest sister was also diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995 at age 45. Thank god she is a survivor. I think you can well imagine my concerns when I also received an abnormal mammogram in 2003, at age 48.

That is when I met my knight in shining armor, Dr. John Williams. I remember my first thoughts of him, tall, handsome, serious, warm hands, educated, a gentleman, a great bedside manner. Setting that aside, once inside his office my emotions were all over the place. He was the most calming, reassuring, non-judgmental person I have ever met. He went on to explain all the upcoming procedures necessary but I wasn’t really “listening” to the actual words he was speaking, rather the relaxed and calming manner in which he spoke them. I thought to myself, I might live yet.

On the day of my biopsy, Dr. Williams had to locate the lumps. He just smiled, patted my shoulder, and said, “I’ll see you in surgery.” Upon entering the OR, my nerves are again going crazy. The fear is mounting but then the OR nurse asks me who is my surgeon. I tell her Dr. Williams, she smiles and tells me to relax and says “He is wonderful, you will love him.” Once the surgery was over, I had a small breast cancer. Dr. Williams was confident he got it all. He continued to follow me closely.
It is then 2007, four years later. I have an early morning appointment with Dr. Williams. The office is full of patients, but it is my turn. I’m in the examination room and he comes in and asks me how I am doing. I say, “I think I had a heart attack last night.” He immediately stops with the breast consult, takes out his stethoscope and listens to my heart. He suggests I go immediately to the Emergency Room…a short walk from his office. I say I may go there later in the day. He detected that I am a procrastinator. He asks for my car keys and walks me to the passenger seat of my car and helps me inside. He then gets in the driver seat and drives me to the ER himself. He takes me past the nurse’s station to an empty room in the ER. He finds me an empty stretcher and in a few minutes the room is full of doctors and nurses. Quickly I have oxygen on my nose, clot busting shots in my abdomen, and I full of lifesaving medications before I have time to think. The day passes, it is after 4 PM and there is a knock on my door and there stands my favorite doctor. Once again he has taken time out of his very busy day to come check on me. The following day, a trip to Fairfax Hospital catheterization unit confirmed I did have a heart attack. Dr. Williams saved my life, again.

I continue to see Dr. Williams once a year for my check-ups. I tell you all of this in complete honesty, without modesty and with tremendous gratitude. I’ve been able to enjoy many more years of my life, thanks in part to Dr. Williams and my heavenly Father. Ask any cancer survivor and they will tell you that it is through all the embarrassing moments, the tests, screenings, surgical procedures that you find your true self, appreciate the humor in things, understand more fully real love and enjoy more of the blessings of life itself.

I just celebrated 39 years of marriage to a wonderful husband. We have two beautiful children and nine precious grandkids. Thank you Dr. Williams for all that you have done and continue to do on my behalf. You are a true blessing not only to me but to so many others.

“…I felt comforted by his compassion, encouraged by his wisdom…” Ashleigh Burnette

“Fighting cancer is tough. Fighting cancer with my breast surgeon and the staff at Northern Virginia Breast Specialists in your corner is a lot easier. I consider myself very lucky to have been referred to my NVBS surgeon. From my initial visit I felt comforted by his compassion, encouraged by his wisdom, and confident about his passion for his work, coupled with his knowledge of the most recent and progressive treatments would result in positive results! If you are searching for a breast surgeon, look no further. Northern Virginia Breast Specialists is definitely the right place for you to be.”

“…no words can express my gratitude…” Anonymous

“I want you to know that I remember very clearly the day that you diagnosed me with breast cancer. I came alone to the appointment because I never thought that cancer would be the diagnosis. As awful as that moment was, what really stands out for me is the enormous amount of time that you were willing to spend with me that day in order to make sure that I understood my options and could begin educating myself about this disease. Having worked with physicians, I know precious your time is, so I realize that you went out of your way to not only sit and talk to me, but to do it all again when my husband arrived. You may not remember any of that…just another day at the office, but I remember it clearly and I will always be grateful. Your willingness to treat me like a person, to painstakingly explain my option, to make sure I understood what I was up against allowed me to move forward with confidence and WITHOUT FEAR. There are truly no words that could express my gratitude for that.”

“It was like receiving 2nd, 3rd and even 4th opinions all at the same time.” B.S.M.

“I found the individual attention and feedback I received from my breast surgeon and his team of collaborating physicians extraordinary. It was like receiving 2nd, 3rd and even 4th opinions all at the same time. His approach resulted in a comprehensive and specific treatment plan designed for my individual situation.”

“…I have found his staff at each office to be very friendly and helpful.” Margaret Scott

My first visit was at his Haymarket office. After my examination, my breast surgeon personally called his Warrenton office (which was closer to my home) and made an appointment for me to have a biopsy that afternoon. From that time on I felt very confident in him and his course of treatment for my cancer. I have been to all three of his offices and have found his staff at each one to be very friendly and helpful. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to NVBS and would recommend them to anyone dealing with breast cancer.

“It was like he was a part of my family.” Donna Cornwell

I met my doctor and his staff in April 2003 when I found out I had breast cancer. Having cancer has been a journey for me. I’m not really sure why I was placed on this journey, but during this emotional ride I felt like the staff and doctors at Northern Virginia Breast Specialists really cared about me and strived to do whatever they could to take care of me. The nursing staff made me feel like I was their only patient. They made me feel like I was the only one they were taking care of when I knew they were working with many patients.

My breast surgeon was very upfront and thorough about what was happening to me. He was very optimistic and tried to explain things to me in terms that I could understand. It was like he was a part of my family. He has a good bedside manner which made me feel like I could ask him anything.
Since my cancer, my brother has gone to him for surgical procedures. He also feels very comfortable with the surgeons at NVBS and their staff.

“The end result was nothing short of amazing.” Virginia Calhoun

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is a confidence-crushing experience. As I met with each member of my treatment team, my confidence continued to build. I was given take-away information to peruse, and was given the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns. I found it comforting that my breast surgeon made it clear to me that my treatment protocol was well established and represented the best that medical science has to offer. The end result was nothing short of amazing.
The transition from surgeon to oncologist to radiation oncologist was seamless. I knew that I was being treated by a real “Team” of physicians and medical professionals.

“…“brag” more about the cosmetic results of your “Oncoplastic” approach.” Anonymous

You should really “brag” more about the cosmetic results of your “Oncoplastic” approach. I was not expecting such a good result!

“…the best that can be found anywhere in the nation.” Bich H. Fett

Northern Virginia Breast Specialists has provided to me truly world-class care in all aspects in the treatment of my breast cancer. From the initial biopsy showing my cancer existed, to their compassionate professional advice on how best to proceed, to the highly successful surgery itself. Now I follow with NVBS to ensure that I remain cancer-free. I feel that the surgical care I received is unsurpassed and is the best that can be found anywhere in the nation. We are indeed extremely lucky to have their outstanding services available here in our region.

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