Breast Services
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A Breast Surgeon is important in determining if a significant breast problem exists. We advise patients as to whether any procedure or surgery is needed for a given problem. Most women that are referred to us DO NOT have breast cancer. It is our job to determine this. We also evaluate and treat many other non-cancerous problems such as breast infections, nipple discharge and breast pain.

A typical, comprehensive office breast evaluation often includes

   1. A complete medical history review
   2. Physical examination
   3. Breast Cancer Risk Assessment 
   4. Mammogram review (Please bring your mammogram films with you to our office)
   5. Ultrasound examination of the breast (if indicated)
   6. Development of a treatment plan, if needed

Breast Surgeons occupy the central role in the management of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, with an estimated one in eight chance for an American woman to develop breast cancer during her lifetime.
Why See a Breast Surgeon?
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