Our Approach to Breast Care

Breast Services
Our Breast Practice: 

Everyone is Unique = Individualized Breast Care

We approach every patient as a unique person and individual. The fear and anxiety of possibly having a breast cancer can be overwhelming. It is important for Breast Surgeons to nurture relationships while providing state-of-the-art medical care. 

Breast Biopsy Procedures: 

Minimally Invasive Biopsy = Standard of Care

The fear of having breast cancer is unnerving enough. We perform more breast biopsies than anyone in our region. We will walk you through this process in a caring, professional, and timely manner. We emphasize the newest, minimally invasive procedures. Your surgeon will review all options with you so you can make your own decisions.

Surgery for Breast Cancer: 

Minimizing Surgery = Achieving Maximal Benefit

Every person with breast cancer is unique. Surgery should focus on removal of the cancer while achieving an excellent cosmetic result. Our goal is to achieve excellent cancer outcomes in a supportive environment using the most sophisticated techniques.

Second Opinion Service: 

A Second Look = Nothing Overlooked

NVBS welcomes any newly diagnosed woman wishing to obtain a timely second opinion, whether it is for assistance with understanding the diagnosis or simply for peace of mind. We consider this an important component in offering the most comprehensive breast cancer services available. 

Multidisciplinary Team: 

More Treatment Options = Better Cancer Outcomes

A collaborative, multidisciplinary approach is the hallmark of our philosophy for treating breast cancer. Breast cancer treatment is very complex. Our goal is to educate each patient so they can make their own treatment decisions. A multidisciplinary team approach assures that the combined knowledge and wisdom of many experienced breast cancer specialists are available to provide you with the latest in quality breast cancer research and treatment options. 

High Risk and Genetic Evaluation: 

Knowing High Risk = Preventing Breast Cancer

We can now determine who is at a greater risk of developing breast cancer compared to the general population. This helps us tailor a plan for prevention and early detection. Our practice has been a leading advocate in Northern Virginia for identification of BRCA mutation carriers. We feel it is an unrecognized and under diagnosed predisposition. Every newly diagnosed breast cancer patient is assessed for possible genetic testing. This proactive approach can help patients make more informed decisions about their surgery and cancer treatment.

Supportive Services: 

Supporting the Person = Better Cancer Care

Complete breast cancer care is more than undergoing surgery, enduring chemotherapy and withstanding radiation therapy. Our goal is to support and treat the entire person. We support the many complimentary services available in our region and nationally. We recognize that there is more to cancer care than scalpels and medications.

Our Pledge to Our Patients: 

1. Treat all with dignity.
2. Provide the most sophisticated, multidisciplinary breast care available.
3. Be a supportive partner through the process of breast cancer care.
4. Be leading advocates in the community for improved breast cancer care.
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