Radiation Therapy after Lumpectomy

Chemotherapy before surgery (Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy) is sometimes used to shrink a larger tumor and increase the chance of achieving a breast conserving result. In these situations, we work closely with medical oncologists to achieve the best cancer and cosmetic results.

Chemotherapy is sometimes needed.

Achieving Surgical "Best Practice" Quality in Breast Care:

All of these surgical Quality Measures meet and exceed not only standard benchmarks of good practice, but achieve "Best Practice" quality. We work daily to make the "Best" even "Better". 

Breast Conservation Rate in Early Stage Breast Cancer:

In early stage breast cancer, breast conservation (AKA: Lumpectomy) cures just as many women as a mastectomy. Not everyone is a candidate for breast conservation, but most are. The NAPBC requires >50% breast conservation in Stage 0,I,II breast cancer. We far exceed this requirement. 

Our Lumpectomy Re-Excision Rate:

When your surgeon performs a lumpectomy, he/she tries to remove the cancer lesion with an adequate margin of normal, surrounding tissue. If the breast cancer is involved in the margin (cancer cells at the edge of the lumpectomy specimen) a re-excision surgery is often needed to make sure all of the cancer is removed. Adequate margins are important to lessen the risk of cancer growing back in the future (a "local recurrence").  

It is our job to lessen the chance of requiring a 2nd breast cancer surgery (re-excision rate). Our re-excision rate is about half the published national average. 


Breast Services
Lumpectomy surgery is the foundation of “Breast Conservation” therapy in breast cancer. This is an outpatient surgery where the tumor is removed with a margin of normal surrounding tissue. It is just as effective at curing cancer as a mastectomy, if appropriately utilized in early stage patients. A sentinel node biopsy or axillary dissection is usually performed at the same time as a lumpectomy.

Lumpectomy does often require a short course of radiation to the breast to lessen the risk of developing a recurrent cancer at the lumpectomy site.  Oncoplastic surgical techniques were designed to lessen the chance of recurrence of cancer and provide a satisfying appearance of the breast.

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