Breast Services
We work as a team with Plastic Surgeons to give cancer patients the best cosmetic and cancer outcomes. There are many reconstructive options available and they are best individualized for the patient. A thorough preoperative evaluation with a plastic surgeon is needed to decide upon the best reconstruction options and when to implement them. Listed below are some of the reconstruction options. 
Breast Reconstruction with Plastic Surgery
Mastectomy Reconstruction Options: (Immediate or Delayed)

Implant / Expander:

Example of an implant/expander reconstruction

Tissue Flaps:  TRAM Flaps / DIEP Flaps / Latissimus Flap

Example of a TRAM flap reconstruction

Symmetry Procedures: (surgery of the uninvolved breast)

Breast Reduction Procedures
Breast Augmentation / Lift

Example of Breast Reduction for Symmetry

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Summary of Reconstruction Options

Great Breast Reconstruction Website:

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